Transportation and Infrastructure Policies

Today, with the globalization of production and trade, transportation policies appear as the key element of ensuring economic growth and improving competitiveness. Therefore, it is aimed to transform public administration activities into an integrated structure in order to use resources according to the principles of efficiency and productivity, to determine long term goals and to meet the needs that have not yet arisen. This requires both examining the transportation policies in general and analyzing the situation of different transportations systems such as road, rail, sea and air. In this regard, the first thing to do is deliberating over “what needs to be done” and the second thing is developing new strategies on “how to do it”.  Furthermore, it is aimed to reach different ideas on the establishment of a sustainable and smart transportation and communication infrastructure, cyber security, fiber communication infrastructure and the disseminations of broadband communication and to determine new strategies for increasing mobility by managing transportation and communication assets effectively and efficiently. 

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