Right to the City and Transformation of Space Workshop


On 17.06.2022, our Mayor Dr. Hasan AKGÜN, moderated by Prof. Dr. Mahmut GÜLER's workshop was held in two sessions, morning and afternoon, with the participation of business people, architects, engineers, city planners, contractors and related personnel, as well as experts in their fields.

In the "Right to the City" studies held in the morning session, Prof. Dr. Ruşen KELEŞ, Prof. Dr. Mithat KARASU and Assoc. Esra Banu SİPAHİ discussed the topics of Urban Culture and Urban Law, Crime Against the City: The Case of Büyükçekmece, Perception of Security and Fear of Crime: Suggestions for Büyükçekmece. Prof. Dr. In the afternoon session "Change of Space" moderated by Mahmut GÜLER, Prof. Dr. Hatice AYATAC, Prof. Dr. Fatih TERZI, Prof. Dr. Ebru ERDÖNMEZ DİNÇER, Assoc. H. Onur TEZCAN and Assoc. Disaster and risk policies, innovation and smart cities, transportation and infrastructure policies and public space policies were discussed by F. Ayçim TÜRER BAŞKAYA.

Prof. Dr. In the closing declaration of the workshop made by Ruşen KELEŞ, in the next 30 years, urban planning and urban development of Büyükçekmece district, public spaces and coastal policies, transportation, sea pollution, environment and climate change, migration and asylum seeker (refugee) problems, security perception, urban law. , the policies of belonging to the city were discussed. As a result of the discussions, very important and productive resources have emerged that will form the infrastructure for the 2050 vision strategy document.

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