Mayor's Message


Dear Residents of Büyükçekmece,
We are in the 21st year of the 21st century. Once upon a time, ‘today’ was a distant future where we all wondered “What will happen?” in the 2000s. However, someone dreamed instead of wondering, and we are now living in a present that is the result of those dreams. If there are things that we are not satisfied with, we can say that their solution was not imagined at that time.

Never underestimate your dreams. Dreams are contagious, and they can grow in ways you can’t imagine. In Cern, Switzerland, those who dreamed of a network to use at a campus in 1989, perhaps never thought that they had invented the internet that would grow to encompass the entire world. Today, we owe the Internet to them.

 Atatürk invited the famous French City Planner Henri Prost to Istanbul in the 1930s. He had prepared the city plan for modern Istanbul while Istanbul was not such a megacity. Those who said “Such wide streets are not necessary at that time” understood what vision meant in the following years. Those who said “The forest is everywhere, city parks are not necessary” see that the remaining green areas left now belong to that plan. 

You may have big or small ideas, dreams and projects about the future of Büyükçekmece that seem ridiculous when viewed from today. There are no limits to dreams. We invite you all to share your dreams because we want to dream and build the Büyükçekmece 2050 Vision together with you.
2050 may seem distant today, but 29 years is too short for human history; however, it is an ideal time to realize some ideas.

The first step is to dream.
The next thing is to work hard to be worthy of those dreams and to actualize them.
Let’s build the future of Büyükçekmece together.
Because the future is coming with you…


Dr. Hasan AKGÜN