Children's workshop



On 20.02.2022 Assoc. Under the coordination of Yasemin ÇAKIRER ÖZSERVET, a children's workshop was held in two sessions in the morning and afternoon (07-10 and 11-14 age groups). Children's Workshop; The Municipality has been evaluated under 6 sub-themes under the headings of "inclusiveness, urban transformation, smart cities, transportation, education and inclusion", taking into account the 2050 City Vision. A special vision 2050 document pre-information video aimed at increasing children's adaptation and interest in work was prepared and presented to both groups before the workshop. Creative drama games were played to warm up the children to the process. Playing cards were also used as a method in the workshop, and comments were received according to the questions written on these cards. In the workshop, children's problems in public spaces and solutions for them, what they think about urban transformation, especially the communication problems they have experienced during the pandemic, their perspectives on smart cities, transportation and problems they experience, especially artificial intelligence, metaverse training and education in digital fields. Basic needs and perspectives on the subjects were studied.